​I believe that jewelry is much more than simple adornment, it is essential to our connection to the natural beauty around us which is part of our humanity.

Beaded Items

Using unusual minerals and beads I make beautiful one of a kind strung and woven jewelry items.

My Most Popular Products:

​​​​Hand fabricated pieces made to your specifications with your stones or my custom cut stones, in silver, gold and mixed metals

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New! Harmony Collection

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Other Products


Each Natural Stone Ring is 

Set in Sterling Silver with an Organic Look.  Some Rings are Adjustable so that you can wear them on any finger

Eco Friendly Jewelry that ROKS

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  • Costume Jewelry Repair
  • Gold & Silver Purchase
  • Bead Stringing
  • Fine Jewelry Repair/Soldering
  • ​Engagement and Wedding Ring Design
  • Men's Specialty Jewelry
  • Wedding and Bridesmaids Jewelry
  • Children's Jewelry
  • ​Chakra Jewelry