Environmental Defense Fund

Mission: The Environmental Defense Fund is perhaps the most wide-ranging organization on this list, working to provide solutions under the broad categories of climate change, oceans, wildlife and habitats, and health. The EDF works with other organizations, businesses, government, and communities to create incentives for positive environmental actions; help companies become better environmental stewards; influence policy; and keep tabs on emerging issues
Top Programs: Climate and energy, oceans, ecosystems
Percent of expenses spent on programs: 79.1
Charity Navigator Score: 94.48

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​​Sierra Club Foundation

Mission: The Sierra Club Foundation is the fiscal sponsor of the Sierra Club’s charitable environmental programs, and promotes efforts to educate and empower people to protect and improve the natural and human environment. The Sierra Club is the principal, though not exclusive, recipient of SCF’s charitable grants. 
Top Programs: Beyond Coal, Chapter and Group Education Project, Our Wild America
Percent of expenses spent on programs: 88.5
Charity Navigator Score: 94.08

Ocean Conservancy

“Ocean Conservancy works to keep the ocean healthy, to keep us healthy.” Current areas of focus include addressing ocean acidification, restoration and oil-spill recovery in the Gulf of Mexico, and protecting the Arctic ecosystem from damage by increased shipping and oil and gas exploration. In the words of Jacques Cousteau, “The sea, the great unifier, is man’s only hope. Now, as never before, the old phrase has a literal meaning: we are all in the same boat.”

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth describes itself as a “bold and fearless voice for justice and the planet”. Recent campaigns have targeted bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides, “dirty” tar sands oil extraction, and the environmental devastation of palm oil production. Those who oppose widespread adoption of nanotechnology, genetically engineered foods, and human gene patenting will appreciate FOE’s clear stance and advocacy.

It is my belief that our humanity makes us responsible to protect our environment, constantly working to find solutions for climate change, ocean, wildlife, habitat and health conservancy.  Education and empowerment of people to protect and improve our natural and human environment is of the utmost importance.  The following organizations have a wonderful track record supporting these issues.  Therefore, I have opted to donate 5% of the net profit made from my jewelry sales to these organizations.  I urge you to click the links below to learn more about the individual organizations and perhaps make a commitment to support one or more of them yourself.

In addition to my donations, I have pledged to operate my business in a way that does not contribute to pollution, destruction of natural resources or unethical business practices.  My metals are recycled, my gemstones are ethically sourced and my shop is operated with an eye toward eco-friendly practices.

Sea Turtle Conservancy
4424 Northwest 13th Street
Suite B-11
Gainesville, FL 32609
tel: (352) 373-6441
fax: (352) 375-2449
EIN: 59-6151069

​The Sea Turtle Conservancy (formerly Caribbean Conservation Corporation) is the oldest and most accomplished sea turtle organization in the world. Since its founding in 1959, the Conservancy's work has greatly improved the survival outlook for several species of sea turtles. The Sea Turtle Conservancy is a world-renowned leader in sea turtle research and conservation. The mission of the Conservancy is to ensure the survival of sea turtles within the Wider Caribbean basin and Atlantic through research, education, training, advocacy and the protection of the natural habitats upon which they depend. To achieve its mission, the Conservancy uses research, habitat protection, public education, community outreach, networking and advocacy as its basic tools. Ongoing programs are carried out in Florida, Costa Rica, Panama, Bermuda and the West Indies.